Sports Data and Software

Using Excel and Wikipedia

Wikipedia often has the results of a particular sport in a tabular format. You can use Excel, which has a simple data import function - select the DATA ribbon, then FROM WEB, then paste the web address.

Using Massey Ratings Data has most of the American sports results which can also be downloaded (see video below).

Dr Tim Chartier has produced some programs to use this data to rank teams: a web site that ranks men's Collegiate basketball teams (see March Madness) and two Java programs (see video below), one for Massey the other for the Colley method. If you want a copy of these Java programs contact me via my Google+ profile below.

The Java ranking programs need two files, which can either be downloaded from or generated yourself:

1. game data text file.
2. team name text file.

NOTE: the first field - number of days since 1/1/0000 is irrelevant.

For Australian Football i generated these two files-

Click here for Game File for 2014 

Click here for team file

Contact me via my Google+ profile below if you have any other sports data.

How do I get data from and also use the Java programs to rank my sport?


  1. is there any way I can get a hold of the java files fro both the Colley and Massey ranking systems?

  2. yes email me at